Our own design and construction bureau provides a complex approach which takes into account all individual specifics of every project.

3D visualization of approved solutions, material selection, implementation of changes to the projects taking into account the wishes and budget of the customer.

Development of production projects and technical specification accompanied by the selection of the best possible materials and binding systems.

Provision of custom and typical solutions in order to optimize the construction process.

Preparation of authorization documentation packages according to current regulations and standards.

Drafting of tender documents and economic feasibility reports.

Construction monitoring and all the necessary expert evaluations on each stage of the construction.

Detailed action plan which takes into account all the specifics.

Our qualified engineers are used to thinking outside the box which allows us to realize the widest range of ideas.


High-quality project management enables us to fulfill a wide range of large-scale and individual construction projects.

Our own efficient management scheme and consolidated responsibility for the outcomes.

The whole process of construction, production and installation is performed within our own production facilities.

Priority calculation of installation options and development of logistics system.

A professional team of specialists who are chosen for each project individually.

Performance of works according to the set deadlines and within the customer's budget.


Installation of translucent constructions and ventilated facades requires specific skills. Our installation department holds full responsibility for the whole assembly process and the outcome of work. The team provides the following services:

  • Geodesic research
  • Compilation of operational sequence map
  • Compilation of detailed work schedules and logistic plans
  • Provision of transportation services
  • Installation of translucent constructions and ventilated systems of any level of complexity
  • Technical monitoring
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee services