There is no need to look for a paradise spot on Earth. Create it yourself! A conservatory developed by your individual design will become an inspiring place to relax with friends or to spend some quiet time reading your favorite book along with your morning coffee. The combination of specialized production technology, high quality materials and years of hands-on experience enables us to create the space which will match all your personal needs.

For continuous use it is advisable to opt for a residential type garden room, whereas for a personal space it is better to go for a conservatory, piazza or a buffer type room as they add a custom touch to the whole house. A garden room is a unique personal space full of its own personal charm, coziness and warmth. Exotic plants, dainty flowers, ornamental shrubs… You now have the chance to live in a paradise garden all year round!



A garden room is a charming nook which can have more than one purpose depending on your needs, building type and the plants you plan to grow there. Our team is happy to help you choose one of the following types:

  • two-facade garden room
  • three-facade room
  • internal corner room
  • external corner room
  • bay window room
  • multifaceted pavilion

The principal elements of a garden room are made of aluminum:

• vertical glazing – stained or insulated glass

• horizontal or tilted glazing – transparent glass roof (made of armored glass), dormer windows

• movable elements – doors, windows, sliding systems