There is definitely some magic in glass railings. They can become the aesthetic centerpiece of balconies and terraces, providing, at the same time, safety to the setting. They do not limit the space and this sort of openness attracts attention and grants the feeling of unity to all the rooms; it creates the atmosphere needed and inspires to achieve. Crystal clear railings are harmoniously supplemented by binding elements and trendy ornamental details. Such constructions are also really easy to look after, as there are lots of modern materials and treatment techniques.

Today, you have a chance to install such railing under virtually any circumstances. With the help of our professional team you will be provided a full range of services – from design to installation. We offer:

  • railings for interior and exterior staircases
  • balcony railings
  • railings for terraces
  • railings for zoning of crowded places

Fasteners are not simply a means for binding the whole glass system; they might be some sort of architectural art themselves. They allow us to create reliable constructions and, at the same time, become an elegant supplement to the design.
Among the most popular types of glass railing fasteners are:

  • on-level railing profiles
  • slider systems
  • poles

Thanks to a modern approach to production we offer a wide range of designer solutions and employ various methods of treatment and installation of glass, which can have different textures and colors:

  • triplex 1 ESG + 1 TVG
  • triplex 1 ESG +1 ESG
  • triplex treatment with EVA film
  • body-tinted glass
  • various types of edging